Konsiderasi rasional sabda Nabi dan pengaruhnya terhadap tampilan redaksional ḥadīṡ (studi tentang asbāb wurūd al-ḥadīṡ)

Sattar, Abdul (2012) Konsiderasi rasional sabda Nabi dan pengaruhnya terhadap tampilan redaksional ḥadīṡ (studi tentang asbāb wurūd al-ḥadīṡ). Research report (Laporan penelitian). LP2M IAIN Walisongo, Semarang.

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A text, including ḥadīṡ, is not taking place in no meaning background (vacuum historis). Actually, inside of the text or matan, there are a lot of variable or ideas to be considered when we will understand and reconstruct the meaning of ḥadīṡ. In this point, knowing the background the emerge of ḥadīṡ (asbāb wurūd al-ḥadīṡ) is a crucial thing. This research will answer two questions. The first, what is the main consideration of the Prophet’s response to the question of sahabat? The second, what is the dominant consideration of the Prophet when articulating his statement ?. Based on these two questions, this research is not only exploring the background the emerge of ḥadīṡ (history of what), but also exploring the secret of why the Prophet Muḥammad chose a spesific response to the question of sahabat (history of why)? To answer these two questions, exploring the psico-sosio-cultural aspect of sahabat as the first transmitter of ḥadīṡ is very important.. Based on data and goals of research, this research is qualitative library research because all of data will be taken from written source like ḥadīṡ which contain the background of the ḥadīṡ. Based on the result of research, this research is kind of descriptive-eksplorative researh. Deskriptive is intended to describe the reality of historical fact of ḥadīṡ. Explorative is intended to find the most substantial background of the Prophet’s respon to the questions of sahabat. This methodoligal effort is extremely need the reinterpretative historical approach. Whit this approach, the circumtances, socio-cultural and anthropological aspect of Prophet and sahabat will be described more comprehensive.

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Item Type: Monograph (Research report (Laporan penelitian))
Uncontrolled Keywords: Redaksi hadis; Ilmu hadis dirayah
Subjects: 200 Religion (Class here Comparative religion) > 290 Other religions > 297 Islam and religions originating in it > 297.1 Sources of Islam > 297.12 Al-Quran and Hadith > 297.125 Hadits > 297.1251 Study of Text of Hadith
Divisions: Laporan Penelitian (Research Reports)
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Date Deposited: 20 Apr 2015 03:06
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