The validity of Melayu sources as references to the Tafsir Al-Azhar by Hamka

Taufik, Muhammad (2015) The validity of Melayu sources as references to the Tafsir Al-Azhar by Hamka. Undergraduate (S1) thesis, UIN Walisongo.

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This thesis will discuss the subject of the comprehensive with Qur’an verses interpreted by Buya Hamka with Melayu sources in Tafsir al-Azhar. The writer tried to formulate it in the title essay "The Validity Of Melayu Source As References To The Tafsir Al-Azhar By HAMKA. How is Hamka explain the meaning of verses of the Qur’an with Melayu sources as reference? What is validity of the Melayu sources as a reference to the Tafsir al-Azhar by Hamka? In this thesis, study of the Tafsir al-Azhar interpretation is more literature, this type of research include the category of the type of library research. In this research using two sources of data, primary data and secondary data. The primary data of the interpretation of al-Azhar directly related to the sources referenced Hamka wither to interpret the verses of the Qur’an in the interpretation of al-Azhar. Secondary data is the data that is already available so we just search and collect. Secondary data is data that comes from two sources that can be obtained through books, journals, Buya Hamka works on its own. Material and these are relevant to this study as the data / source support or help. In this verse same with the previous verse, Hamka also add descriptions to explain meaning of the verse by Melayu proverb. By more explaination can be understood that when Hamka used Melayu source, many means to add explanation of a term have explain, can write Melayu terminology and Melayu proverbs to add information in the case is within their with explanation same example appropriate when explaining the verse, there explain also developing a comparable manner of resources distinct. The writer can concluded that the method of relics in interpreting the verses with a melayu source is a detailed presentation of segments focused on descriptions of interpretation in detail, depth, and comprehensive. By method of explaining earlier Opinions in general or view some scholars' then add the resources wither. The verses are explained in eyes with melayu sources very relevant, with reason when Hamka add annotations to melayu source verse accordance with the existing context and also in accordance with the context of the discussion of the problems that exist with the present, the adult This indispensable so that, the readers can understand what the verses of the Qur'an.

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Item Type: Thesis (Undergraduate (S1))
Uncontrolled Keywords: Melayu; Tafsir Al-Qur'an
Subjects: 200 Religion (Class here Comparative religion) > 290 Other religions > 297 Islam and religions originating in it > 297.1 Sources of Islam > 297.12 Al-Quran and Hadith > 297.122 Al-Quran > 297.1226 Interpretation and Criticism
Divisions: Fakultas Ushuluddin dan Humaniora > Tafsir Hadis
Additional Information: Pembimbing: Prof. Dr. Suparman Syukur, M. Ag.; Dr. Masrur, M. Ag.
Depositing User: Nur yadi
Date Deposited: 24 Aug 2015 03:31
Last Modified: 24 Aug 2015 03:31

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