The concept of battle againts non Muslim in the Holy Qur’an (application of Fazlur Rahman’s double movement method)

Irfa, Emi (2015) The concept of battle againts non Muslim in the Holy Qur’an (application of Fazlur Rahman’s double movement method). Undergraduate (S1) thesis, UIN Walisongo.

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In the development of Islamic science, there are many Islamic scholars who improve the theory to study al-Qur’an, moreover they try to combine hermeneutic with science discipline of Islam. Basically hermeneutic is a theory that used by west scholar to read the text, and then adopted and combined by Islamic scholar to find a juncture of al-Qur’an teaching with the development of contemporary era. Double movement theory is one of theory who considered by Fazlur Rahman by combining between hermeneutic with science discipline of Islam. In his theory, before applying double movement theory Rahman emphasize to do critical study on the socio-history situation of Arab before and after Islam come to Arab, in other to know interaction between al-Qur’an and situation of social-culture community at the time. After critical study of social history then application of double movement theory, it is study al-Qur’an in the past to see the context of verses, correlation between verses in other to know the differences between specific legal and ideal moral of verses. Then we have to contextualization the value of Qur’anic verses to the contemporary era. This is a main goal of this theory, it is to find the juncture between al-Qur’an and all of development era (sholihun li kulli zaman wal makan). This double movement theory used as a method to study about war verses. In the Islamic teaching the concept of battle against non Muslim is one of debatable theme and often used by some extremist group as a legitimating of act to do violence and battle against to non Muslim. It is give negative impression to Islam as a religion which teaches about violence and terrorism. The conclusion that can we take from this research is war verses give command to Muslim to defend-self when the right of life and Islamic religion get attack and violence from another party without any justified reasons or base. The form of this defend-self is may not exceed the limit of humanity and appropriated to the development situation of era. So jihad is not only by war (hard power) but can implemented with another sector like science sector, economy, health, etc (soft power).

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Item Type: Thesis (Undergraduate (S1))
Uncontrolled Keywords: Non Muslim; Perang melawan non muslim
Subjects: 200 Religion (Class here Comparative religion) > 290 Other religions > 297 Islam and religions originating in it > 297.1 Sources of Islam > 297.12 Al-Quran and Hadith > 297.122 Al-Quran > 297.1226 Interpretation and Criticism
Divisions: Fakultas Ushuluddin dan Humaniora > Tafsir Hadis
Additional Information: Pembimbing: Dr. Muhsin Jamil, M. Ag.; Dr. Machrus, M. Ag.
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