The concept of animal conservation in Hadith (a thematic study)

Zuhriyyah, Dewi Aminatuz (2015) The concept of animal conservation in Hadith (a thematic study). Undergraduate (S1) thesis, UIN Walisongo.

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Animals has faced serious problems. They do not get proper treatments and protections but rather worse like crime, murder, even extinction. It means that humans do not treat them as well as they should do. Thus, animal conservation study is needed for saving them. Indeed, it relates to religious teachings because it can motivate people to treat animals and their ecosystem well based on spirituality. This study focuses on h}adi>th as a sources of Islamic teaching after al-Qur’a>n which is addressed to know the concept of animal conservation in the light of Prophet Muhammad. Knowing the relevance of the concept toward contemporary issues and actualizing it. To get deep understanding toward animal conservation in hadi>th is using thematic method, collecting the ah}adi>th relating to the topic and classifying them. Besides, use historical and hermeneutical approach to determine the validity and authenticity of h}adi>th, also to know the historical facts of h}adi>th. Hermeneutic points at dialectical interpretation between text and context. The results is that animal conservation concept had reflected in h}adi>th through some categories, that are: (1) protection, consists of prohibition of murder without benefits, prohibition of torture, and prohibition of fight, (2) preservation, that is keeping from extinctions, and helping animal, (3) sustainable use, consists of feeding animal, and slaughtering animal courteously. But this conservation concept has exception thing, people may to hunt them if: (1) Their population is still much to be utilized, (2) They are the only one which can be utilized for human survive, and (3) They hurt or harm the human’s life. In animal case, Prophet Muhammad taught people by ethical and theological approaching. People who behave animals well will be entered to heaven, while who harm them will be cursed and punished. For overcoming recent animal problem, people have to revitalize and re-understand the ethical values in H}adi>th. Besides, practice it with the real action in the real life.

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Item Type: Thesis (Undergraduate (S1))
Uncontrolled Keywords: Animal Conservation; Hadith; Kajian teks hadis; Pelestarian binatang
Subjects: 200 Religion (Class here Comparative religion) > 290 Other religions > 297 Islam and religions originating in it > 297.1 Sources of Islam > 297.12 Al-Quran and Hadith > 297.125 Hadits > 297.1251 Study of Text of Hadith
Divisions: Fakultas Ushuluddin dan Humaniora > Tafsir Hadis
Additional Information: Pembimbing: Dr. H. Hasyim Muhammad, M. Ag.
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Date Deposited: 30 Oct 2015 08:01
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