The actualization of ḥadīth birrul wālidain in panti sosial “Pucang Gading” Semarang

Ruqoyyah, Rizqotur (2017) The actualization of ḥadīth birrul wālidain in panti sosial “Pucang Gading” Semarang. Undergraduate (S1) thesis, UIN Walisongo.

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Al-Qur'ān and Ḥadīth are guidelines of human life. Ḥadīth is universal will always in accordance to aspects of life without limits. To realize position and function of Ḥadīth so needed of research and a deep understanding able to capture the meaning and the purpose contained in order to get a right understanding, and can be relate to problems that happen at modern era. Birrul wālidain is devotedly and do goodness to parents, love, pray, obey and obey what they command, do the things that they like, and leave something they do not like. While uqūqul wālidain is doing poorly to them and wasting their rights. The representations Birrul wālidain that in the Ḥadīth conceptualised to reality now where basically the obligations of children to parents must be met directly by his son, in fact there are many phenomena of child who entered his parents in panti social. The researcher choose the place in panti social “Pucang Gading” Semarang. The child entered his parents because of busy the child so do not have time to take care of his parents, there are who feel burdened and difficult to lives the household life if there is parents. With a variety of these reasons so the child was forced to choose a panti social as the best place for his parents. But for reasons that are justified by shara' then child can implement the obligations to the parents indirectly is to depute to someone or something social institutions such as a panti social. This research used qualitative approach and method of field research, that the assessment of the issues researched will generate descriptive data, this research selected a collection of descriptive data contained in the form of reports and descriptions. A cualitative approach consideres credible to learn this case, because things were observed directly related to the actual problems facing society today. Panti Social “Pucang Gading” Semarang that made the object of this study, the writer intend to get the expected description of how understanding of Ḥadīth birrul wālidain. After research, so concluded that many things children performed for parents happy but must observe suitability of objectives and reality experienced by parents when staying in Panti Social. And the way performed by children for parents happy must be balanced with parents feeling because happiness is only felt by parents not on the child, if the parents are not happy then the work done is useless.

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