The concept of jihad in the book of: Qur'an: a reformist translation by: Edip Yuksel

Iskandar, Awaluddin (2016) The concept of jihad in the book of: Qur'an: a reformist translation by: Edip Yuksel Undergraduate (S1) thesis, UIN Walisongo.

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In the radicalist circle, Islam is a source to legitimize their behavior, though it is counterproductive with the Qur’an which not absolutely allow violence on behalf of God. This writing is a critic against its abuse of interpretation. Thematic approach is applied to analyze verses which are usually used to justify violence. Surveying on the verses is a tool to analyze for the purpose of finding true meaning of the text. The unproper interpretation of jihad (struggle) caused it trapped in violence and radicalism. Whereas the general context of jihad does not relate with a war.
This new orientation should be resulted to the understanding of al-Qur’an as the inspiration source of peaceful spreader. One of the effort of resulting that inclusive understanding is presented by Edip Yuksel, Layt Saleh Al-Syaiban and Martha Schulte Nafeh through their works “Qur’ān: A Reformist Translation” (next will be mentioned as QRT). Although QRT can be said as al-Qur’ān translation, but it is not fully as translation. QRT also can be said and considered as interpretation, because the writers of QRT have made further effort to understand and show al-Qur’ān verses, and not just translate it from one language to others. They gave many responses and descriptions to various issues, understanding, interpretation, and some contextual problems which are faced by Moslem people through the notes and end notes which are writen in the last of every verses or surah.
Jihad according to QRT is Strive with great effort to obtain something, see: 29:6, 29: 69, From the verses above can be clearly understood that this verse has no relation to and could not be used as a basic that jihad is war and swinging sword. If it is related to the war, of course, the words jihad in the paragraph, will not followed by the phrase: "and He has made no hardship for you in the system". So it is clear that jihad here has very broad meaning and is closely related to human life in worshiping to Allah.
It also has meaning to strive using physical effort for only some reasons; these are: resistance and self-defense. The Quran does not promote war, but encourages us to stand against aggressors on the side of peace and justice, see: 2:190, 192, 193, 256; 4:91; 5:32; 8:19; 60:7-9 it means that Jihad is only obligated if Muslim people are attacked by the ingrates. We are encouraged to work hard to establish peace (47:35; 8:56-61; 2:208). The content of the verses above emphasize jihad as inherent struggle with the difficulty and complexity to the better life. Struggling against lust in our self in order to achieve primacy, conduct earnest efforts to do well and help to improve people's lives.
Keyword: Jihad, Strive, struggle, war, peace, QRT

Item Type: Thesis (Undergraduate (S1))
Additional Information: Advisor: Dr. H. Abdul Muhaya, MA.; Ahmad Afnan Anshori, MA., M. Hum.
Uncontrolled Keywords: Jihad; Tafsir Al-Qur'an
Subjects: 200 Religion (Class here Comparative religion) > 290 Other religions > 297 Islam and religions originating in it > 297.1 Sources of Islam > 297.12 Al-Quran and Hadith > 297.122 Al-Quran > 297.1226 Interpretation and Criticism
200 Religion (Class here Comparative religion) > 290 Other religions > 297 Islam and religions originating in it > 297.7 Propagation of Islam > 297.72 Jihad
Divisions: Fakultas Ushuluddin dan Humaniora > 76231 - Ilmu Al-Quran dan Tafsir
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